Experience, experience, experience…

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Experience, experience, experience…

It was my birthday recently, 54th actually. What’s changed in the last year?
Well I now have a beard, so partly resembling Tom Jones I take up his mantra from the Voice…
” I’ve been round the block see, I can offer you experience, experience, experience.”

There are a lot of kitchen suppliers out there, even supermarkets are at it,
and they’ll all be able to squeeze one of their ranges into your space…but they don’t have me.

I’ve been staring into spaces for the last 30 years, but more importantly,
looking into their owners hearts to sense what it is they need.
Only then can I bring it all together. Developing from ‘an initial proposal layout sketch’
and further discussion, until I’ve found what your looking for, at the right price.

Then John Weaver Ltd takes over and we make it all beautifully, and fit it,
and order as little or as much else that you would like to go on it, or in it, or connect to it.

So if you really would like someone resembling a hybrid Tom Jones and Dirk Gently
to sort out your Kitchen, don’t worry, just call a friend for some counselling,
and then if your sure, call me…